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how to prepare Bisi bele bath

Bisi bele bath is Karnataka recipe which is very tasty and healthy. We are using dal, rice, and vegetables in this. In this recipe, i am adding home made powder, so it is fresh and it has natural taste. This bath can have with the pickle or pupped. Some persons will add cinnamon in this. if we like it, we can also add. In some arias in South India, it is called Rice dal bath  (Arisi parupu satham ). It should be overcooked. If we add more ghee, it gives delicious taste. Let we can see how the Bisi bele bath can make.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 10 Mins
Cooking time : 30 Mins
serve : 4 Persons

Ingredients :

Rice : 1 Bowl
Toor dal : 1/4 Bowl
mustard : 1/4 Tsp
Cumin seeds : 1/4 Tsp
Onion : 1/2 Cup
Tomato : 1 No
Green chilly : 1 No
Curry leaves : Few
Coriander leaves : 1 Tsp
Bisi bele bath powder : 2 Tsp
Tamarind juice : 1/2 Cup
Oil : 2 Tsp
Ghee : 4 Tsp
Salt : As per taste

Method :

Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add mustard, cumin seeds. Add onion, green chilly, curry leaves and fry well.

Add chopped tomato and fry well. Add chopped vegetables, salt and bisi bele bath powder   and fry well.

Add washed rice and dal and fry a little.

Add tamarind juice and water in 1:3 ratio, and keep it for 3 whistles in medium flame or keep 15-20 minutes in low flame.
After that, wait for 5 minutes for gas release, add ghee and transfer to the serving dish and serve hot.

Everyone try this delicious, tasty, healthy recipe and please post your valuable comments….

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