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How to prepare Garam masala powder at home

Preparing home made powders is very easy and helps to reduce our expenditure. Garam masala powder is made with all spices and i am adding kalpassi in this. It will give more aroma for this masala powder. If we add 1 or 1/2 Tsp of this powder, we can get rich aroma and good experience in taste.
First we can know about Kalpasi. It is a Tamil word. In Hindi it is called as ‘Dagar da phool’ / Patthar ke phool. In Telugu it is called as ‘Kallupachi’. In Kannada it is called as ‘Kallu hoovu. it gives rich aroma and taste for the masala. All the other spices are commonly we are using spices.

Basic information :

Time consume : 10 Mins
Preserve : Long time

Ingredients :

Kalpasi : 100 Gm
Cinnamon : 100 Gm
Cloves : 100 Gm
Cardamon : 50 Gm
Fennel seeds : 100 Gm
Annasi : 20 Nos
Bay leaves : 2 Nos
Pepper : 50 Gm

Method :

Keep all the spices in direct sunlight for 5 minuets. We should not keep it for long time. After getting full dry, grind the spices well as powder. Keep the powder out for 5 minutes and store it in air tight container.
Everyone try this simple masala powder and you will not buy garam masala in outside.

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