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How to prepare Mangoginger (Ma inji) pickle

Mango ginger (Ma inji) is also called as Curcuma amada pickle is very easy and quick method of preparation. We are adding lemon juice for its tanginess. For every pickle, we need more oil but, in this pickle we are adding very less oil and it is good for our health. Cooking time also very less. Let’s prepare the spicy Ma inji pickle.

Basic information :
Preparation time   : 15 Mins
Cooking time        :   5 Mins
Preserve                : Long time
Ingredients :

Mango ginger   : 1/2 Kg
Lemon              : 10 Nos
Dry methi         : 1 Tsp
Asafetida          : Small piece
Red chilly         : 15 Nos
Salt                   : As per taste
Oil                    : 3 Tsp
Method :
Peel off the ma ginger wash and make it dry.Cut the ma ginger as round pieces.

Heat a kadai, fry dry methi.

Heat 1/2 tsp oil, add asafetida and fry. Add red chilly and fry a little.

Grind the fried ingredients as powder after it gets cool.

Heat oil in a kadai, add chopped ma ginger and fry a little.
Add ground powder and fry. Add salt.

2 Seconds of fry is enough. After removing from flame, add lemon juice and stir.

After gets cool, transfer to the air tight bottle or jar.

Everyone try this simple pickle and be healthy.
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