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How to prepare Pearl millet or Bajra porridge (Kambu koozh)

Pearl millet is known as Kambu in Tamil, Gantilu in Telugu, Bajra in Hindi, Sajje in Kannada. It is one of the very healthy millet. It contains full of Vitamins, Minerals and amino acids. Kambu helps to reduce weight loss and it works well in diabetics. Among all millet, Pearl millet (Kambu) contains maximum amount of Iron contents. Using this millet, preparing porridge(kambu koozh) is very healthy and it is cool our body. It is the best in Summer. It goes with vatral, vadaham, pickle. Let’s prepare the healthy and tasty Kambu koozh.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 20 Mins
Serve for : 5 Persons

Ingredients :

Kambu : 200 Gm
Butter milk : 1 Cup
Chopped onion : 1 Cup
Salt : As per taste

Method :

Clean the kambu, take out stones and grind as powder.

Add water,and cook the kambu powder well and keep for 4-5 hours or boil in overnight.

Next morning, mix butter milk and salt in porridge.

Add chopped onion and mix well and transfer to the serving dish and serve with pupped or pickle.

Everyone try this healthy recipe and please post your valuable comments…..Using another healthy Oats, we can prepare Oats dosa.

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