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How to prepare Beetroot chutney

I always preparing beetroot fry only. My husband will not like this vegetable. Then, i tried this chutney, he likes very much. Beetroot is a nutritious vegetable, that it controls blood pressure and increasing the flow of blood. It helps to improve the digestive system because of having high fiber content. If we add beetroot in every week, we can get glowing skin. This chutney is very tasty and it goes with rice, idly, dosa etc. Before grind the chutney, we have to saute the beetroot well till the raw smell goes. I am very happy to share this to you all. You can also see my Beetroot halwa recipe.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 15 Mins
Serve for : 4 Persons

Ingredients :

Grated beetroot : 1 Cup
Grated coconut : 1/2 Cup
Red chilly : 4 Nos
Tamarind : Small ball
Garlic : 3 Nos
Urad dal : 1 Tsp
Mustard : 1/4 Tsp
Salt : To taste
Oil : 1 Tsp

Method :
Heat oil in a pan, add urad dal, mustard. After mustard pops, add curry leaves.

Add grated beetroot and fry well. We have to saute well till the raw smell goes.

After the beetroot saute well, grated coconut, tamarind, garlic, red chilly and saute well. Switch off the flame and keep it for cool in room temperature.

After getting cool, grind the fried ingredients with adding salt.

Everyone try this colorful and tasteful chutney and please post your valuable comments….

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