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Kovakkai poriyal / Ivy gourd or little gourd fry

Kovakkai is referred as various names like ivy gourd, little gourd, tinly, coccinia grandis. Using this vegetable, we can make fry and curry. Today i am going to make kovakkai fry which will be very tasty.

Health benefits :

Kovakkai is having a lot of health benefits. It is having lot of Vitamins like Vitamin C, A, B1 and B2 are high content in this vegetable Which is good for our bones. This vegetable helps to cure many diseases like, Asthma, leprosy, Jaundices etc..  It is regulates the blood pressure level and normalize our body’s sugar level. We can strongly recommend for Diabetic patients.
Let we can see how to prepare the healthy and tasty “Kovakkai fry”.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 5 Mins
Cooking time : 30 Mins
Serve for : 4 Persons

Ingredients :

Ivy gourd : 1/4 Kg
Oil : 3 Tsp
Mustard : 1/4 Tsp
Onion : 1 No
Curry leaves : Few
Turmeric powder : 1/4 Tsp
Chilly powder : 1 Tsp
Salt : To taste

Method :
Wash the vegetable and slice it nicely.

Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds. After the seeds splutter, add onion slices, curry leaves and saute a little. No need to saute till the onion turn transparent.
Add kovakkai slices, tumeric powder, salt and saute well. No need to add water. We can close the pan and have to stir occasionally.
When the vegetable became half-cooked, add chilly powder. If we add in the beginning, the chilly powder will be burnt.
Fry well the kovakkai. We have to keep in low flame only. Otherwise it will burn. In low flame, we can cook for 20 minutes for good taste. After cooked well, transfer to the serving dish and serve hot.

Try this yummy recipe and please share your useful comments…

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