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Veg Pizza dosa

Pizza is the favorite dish for all kids. My daughter like pizza very much. She likes cheese also. So i tried pizza in dosa. When i tried this dosa, my daughter liked very much and she always ask me to prepare this dosa.  I am using sweet corn and some vegetables in this pizza. We can use any vegetable, paneer or we can use chicken, mutton as well. We can show our talent to decorate the pizza and we can involve our kids also. They will also enjoy to make and eat their pizza. I am very pleasure to share this recipe to all of you.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 10 Mins
Serve for : 1 Kid

Ingredients :

Dosa batter : 1 Cup
Cheese : 2 Slices
Chopped Capsicum : 1 Tsp
Chopped tomato : 1 Tsp
Sliced Onion : 1 Tsp
Sliced carrots : 1 Tsp
Sweet corn : 1 Tsp
Oil : 1 Tsp

Method :
Heat dosa thava and pour dosa batter and make dosa.

Put sliced or grated cheese over the dosa.

Add all the vegetables and cooked sweet corn over the cheese. Our some oil over it and close the dosa with the lid.
After 1 minute of cooking, transfer the pizza to serving plate and serve with herbal powder and tomato sauce and your favorite juice.

Try this delicious pizza and enjoy with your kids… Please share your valuable comments….

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