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Fish masala

fish masala
fish masala
Instead of normal fish curry and fish fry, if we make fish masala like this, everybody will like it. This is very simple and very tasty recipe. For this masala, thorn-less fish is preferable. I made this masala with sheer fish. I cut the fish into small cubes and took center bones also. So that, we can have the fish without any disturbances of bones. I made it with little spicy. We can add spicy as we want. If we prepared without spicy, all the kids will like this and they will eat more. Let us see how to prepare the tasty and simple Fish masala with sheer fish.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 10 Mins
Cooking time : 5 Mins
Serve for : 3 persons

Ingredients :

Sheer fish : 1/4 Kg
Oil : 3 Tsp
Fennel seeds : 1/2 Tsp
Onion : 1 No
Ginger garlic paste : 1 Tsp
Turmeric powder : 1/4 Tsp
Chilly powder : 1 Tsp
Salt : To taste
Curry leaves : Few

Method :
Wash and cut the sheer fish into cubes. Cook the fish pieces with adding turmeric powder and salt.

Heat oil in a pan, add fennel seeds. Add chopped onion, curry leaves and saute well.

Add ginger garlic paste. Add cooked fish, chilly powder, salt and mix it well.

After the raw smell of chilly powder gone, transfer to the serving platter, and serve hot..

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