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Tea time snack – Bread bajji

Bajji is one of the favorite tea time snack in India especially in South India. We can make this bajji with raw banana, potato, onion, baby corn etc.. Today, i have to make bajji and do not having any veggies. What can i do…Then i  bought bread and tried bread bajji. Wow!.. It’s tastier than everything else. My mother-in-law said, this is the best taste than making with the veggies. It is very spongy and doesn’t know it is bread inside. Try this tasty snack and hope you like it..

Basic information :

Preparation time : 5 Mins
Cooking time : 5 Mins

Ingredients :

Bread : 1 Pack
Basen : 4 Tsp
Rice flour : 1 Tsp
Chilly powder : 1 Tsp
Omum : 1/4 Tsp
Cooking soda : 1 Pinch
Salt : To taste

Method :
Cut the edges of the bread and make triangle cut.

Mix the ingredients with the water as bajji batter. the batter should not be very thick or thin.

Heat oil in the pan. Dip the bread slices in the batter and fry it in all the sides.

After fried well, transfer to the serving platter and serve with sauce or as it is.

Try this tasty tea time snack and enjoy the evening..

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