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Kerala Parota

Parota is a very famous road side tiffin item in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is served in many restaurants also. This is very soft and very tasty recipe and every one can easily prepare. This is made with maida, egg oil or ghee. If you are a pure vegetarian, you can avoid the egg. But if we add egg, the parota will be more soft and tasty. For preparing this yummy parota recipe, we need some extra oil. This is also very famous in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Parota with salna is the most favorite dish in my family. Let us prepare the tasty and softy Kerala Parota.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 10 Mins
Soaking time : 4-5 Hrs
Serve for : 4 Persons

Ingredients :

Maida : 1 Bowl
Egg : 1 No
Sugar : 1 Tsp
Salt : 1 Tsp
Oil : 5-8 Tsp

Method :
Mix 1 egg, sugar, salt and mix it with 1 bowl of maida.

Make it  smooth dough like chapathy dough. Cover the dough in a wet cloth and keep it for 4-5 Hours.

After 5 hours, kneed the dough and make lemon size balls ans again cover in a wet cloth for 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes, spread the balls like using roller. Spread it very thin layer. With roller or we can spread with using our hand itself.

Make flits in the spread dough and make roll. Make all the balls like this and keep it for 10-15 minutes.

When the time of tiffin, heat a thava, spread the rolls with the roller and put it in heat thava, pour some oil and make parotas.

After baking in two sides, transfer to the  plate, make the parotas looser using hands and transfer to the serving plate and serve hot with salna.

Try this wonderful recipe and enjoy the taste…

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