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Neer dosa – Mangalore special dosa

Dosa  is one of the famous tiffin item in South india. Neer dosa is the very famous dosa in mangalore. for normal dosa  , we need to wait for fermentation. but for this  neer dosa, we need not to wait. we can make dosa  as soon as we grind the batter. we can make this dosa very easily and quickly. Morning we can make this within1 hour. for this dosa, we can have tomato chutney.I made garlic curry for this dosa. We should use coconut in correct quantity. Otherwise, the  dosa will not come in correct consistency. come let us see how to prepare the tasty neer dosa.
Basic information :

Preparation time : 40 Mins
Cooking time : 5 Mins
Serve for : 4 Persons

Ingredients :

Raw rice : 500 Gm
Grated coconut : 100 Gm
Salt : To taste
Method :
Soak the re rice for at least half an hour. After the rice soaked well, grind the rice with adding grated coconut. grind the batter nicely as paint. The batter should be watery.

Heat the dosa thava, spray some oil and pour the batter. Need to pour the batter as we make wheat dosa.

Close the dosa with the lid.

Wait for 3 minutes, open the lid and transfer to the serving plate and serve with tomato chutney or garlic tamrind curry.

Try this wonderful easy tiffin neer dosa and enjoy the morning.

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