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Badhusha Yummy Desert

Badhusha is a yummy sweet which most of us liked very much. The word  Badhusha is derived from the word Balushahi. Badhusha is famous traditional  Indian, Nepali and Pakistani sweet. In India, it is very famous desert in South Bihar.

   This yummy desert is made by Maida or All purpose flour. After a long time, I have tried this recipe and it came very well. My husband and my daughter liked it very much and they  said it is so delicious and so yummy. I used butter to make dough. Some people will use Dalda or ghee. I normally will not prescribe to use Dalda, Instead of that we can use butter, it will be more tasty and healthy also.

Basic Information :
Preparation time  : 20 Minutes
Serve as               : Cool
Cooking time       : 5 Minutes

Ingredients  :

Maida or All purpose flour :  1 Cup
Butter and Oil :  1/4 Cup
Sugar :  2 Teaspoons
Curd :  1 Teaspoon
Baking soda :  1 Teaspoon
Oil or ghee :   For fry

For Sugar syrup :

Sugar :  1 Cup
Water :  1/2 Cup
Cardamon :  (Optional)1 or 2
For decorate :  Almonds

Method :
Melt the butter. Add oil, sugar, baking soda and curd till the sugar dissolve nicely.

Add maida slowly to the butter mixer. Use your fingers to mix. Add little water to make soft dough.

Do not need to kneed tightly. the dough should be soft. Keep the soft dough in 15 minutes for rest.
In mean time, We can make sugar syrup. For making syrup, boil the water and add sugar. Allow it to boil till the syrup turns one string consistency.

After 15 minutes of resting, make lemon sized balls in the dough.

In the ball, using your thumb finger slightly press in the middle, so that we can make the badhusha shape. Make all the dough in same. You can make design as per your innovative thinking..

Check the heat of the oil or ghee. Fry the badhusha balls in low flame. Fry till it’s coming golden brown.

Dip the  hot badhusha in the sugar syrup.

Take out from the syrup and decorate with almond pieces.

Yummy! The delicious sweet is ready to eat. Mouth watering…. Try this wonderful sweet recipe and enjoy ….Thank you for reading my post. Please leave your valuable comments….
Note :

  • Do not Kneed the dough hard. If the dough is soft, then only we can get soft badhsha.
  • I am using salted butter for the dough. If we are using  unsalted, add a pinch of salt.
  • For all the sweets, if we add a pinch of salt, makes good taste and we can feel the  rich sweetness.
  • For fry the badhusha, we must put it in oil in correct heat. If we add in overheat the balls will burn.
  • Fry the balls in low flame. If we fry in high flame, it will not cook inside.

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