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Stuffed garlic bread / Perfect Domino’s style garlic bread

Domino’s original taste of Garlic bread with cheesy stuffing. Wow!..  All the kids and even we will also tempting in the name itself. Today, I tried at home and,,,….Full of excitement I have seen from my daughter!.. She is very happy and enjoyed a lot with it’s perfect taste of cheesy stuffed Garlic bread.
In this garlic bread, I added crushed garlic while kneading the dough. We can also add garlic paste or powder. I also add chilly flakes. When I was kneading the dough itself the rich aroma surrounded  the whole house. I used little butter to knead the dough. It makes the bread more softer. I’m very excited to share this recipe with you all. Let’s see how to prepare the kid’s most favorite stuffed garlic bread.

Basic information :

Preparation time : 5 Mins
Kneading time : 10 Mins
for foaming : 1 Hour
Baking time : 30 Mins
Bread : 2 Nos

Ingredients :

Maida : 1 Cup
Crushed garlic : 1 Tsp
Chilly flakes : 1 Tsp
Oregano herb : 1 Tsp
Salt : To taste
Yeast : 1 Tsp
Sugar : 1/2 Tsp
Cheese : 1 Cup
Corn kernels : 1/2 Cup
Coriander leaves : 1 Tsp

Method :
Mix yeast and sugar in warm water in a bowl and leave 5-10 minutes to foaming.


Crush garlic. Keep ready with chilly flakes, oregano seasoning and butter.

In a large mixing bowl, take one cup of maida. Add salt, crushed garlic, chilly flakes, two teaspoon of butter and mix with the flour.
Mix the yeast with water for kneading the dough. Knead the dough at least 5 mins  to make softer. Leave for one hour to foaming. After foaming, again knead the dough slightly and divide equal parts.

bread-4 bread-5





Roll to flatten the dough with rolling pin.

bread-6Add shredded cheese, boiled corn kernels, chopped coriander leaves.bread-8 Close the dough in semi circle shape by pressing the edges with your hand.
bread-9 We can also butter wash on the top..It’s Optional. Sprinkle some oregano seasoning on the top. Slightly cut the dough for stripes.







Bake in preheated oven in 200 degree Celsius for 30 Mins till golden color comes on the top.

bread-13Stuffed garlic bread is ready to serve with cheesy dip with perfect aroma.
bread-16Everyone please try this yummy delicious recipe and don’t forget to share your thoughts..

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