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Aapam roll \ Surul aapam \ Healthy breakfast for kids

aapam-roll-10We usually make aapam with coconut milk or some stews or chutneys. Aapam is one of the most favorite traditional Kerala food. This type of aapam roll is completely different from normal one. For making this roll, we no need to wait for the batter to raise or foaming. We can make the roll as soon as we grind the batter. This is very simple and easy recipe that all people will love it, especially kids. For making this roll, we need to prepare stuffing. For stuffing, I’m adding banana pieces, grated coconut with sugar. We can add any fruits instead of bananas. We can stuff boiled and smashed chana dal with coconut and sugar. Very tasty recipe and I’m very glad to share this wonderful recipe with you all. Let us see how to prepare the simple surul aapam. aapam-roll-13info











Method : Wash raw rice and steam rice and soak for at least half an hour to 1 hour. After soaked, grind the rices as smooth paste. aapam-rollAdd turmeric powder in the batter for coloring. We can add food color (Optional). The batter should be watery. aapam-roll-2Heat aapam thava, pour the batter and round it to spread the batter as aapam. aapam-rollClose the thava with a lid and wait for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes the aapam will be cooked and all the sides will come from thava without sticking. Take the aapam from thava and make the rest of the batter. aapam-roll-4For stuffing cut bananas, add grated coconut and sugar. We can add cardamon powder. aapam-roll-3Place the stuffing in the center of the aapam and slowly roll it tightly. aapam-roll-5Cut the roll into two pieces and serve the yummy delicious aapam roll. aapam-roll-7aapam-roll-9Try this wonderful recipe and please don’t forget to place your comments..

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