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Ginger Lemon jam \ Inji Lehyam \ Medicine for digestion problem and Nausea

This is my mother’s best medicine recipe for nausea. In festive season like Diwali, we used to prepare a lot of snacks and we used to eat heavy food. Some ladies would do fasting and could not have food in usual time. In that kind of timings, we will be having digestion problem, vomiting sensation etc.. Inji lehyam is one of the best medicine for those who are having these problems. Ginger helps to healthy digestion because of its anti-inflammatory properties. When we add it with lemon, it becomes more healthy and acts like a powerful medicine. As lemon having vitamin C, it helps to extract waste out of our body with its antioxidant. When we used to give a small ball of ginger lehyam for our kids, their hunger will increase definitely.  I am giving for my daughter regularly. It works… When we are having heavy food and in the time of getting vomiting sensation, If we have a small amount this lehyam, definitely within half an hour we will be normal. This is the best homemade medicine that we can store it in the air tight container for many days, months or even a year. Easy to prepare and only three ingredients required. Let us see, how to prepare the best medicine, Inji lehyam.

ginger lehyam








Method : 

Peel off the ginger, wash and wipe it thoroughly .ginger lehyamGrind the ginger as paste without adding water.gingerSqueeze lemon juice in the ginger paste. Add sugar. Mix it well and leave the mix overnight or minimum 5-6 hrs.ginger-2
In next morning, Heat a kadai, add the ginger mix. Stir contentiously.ginger-4The water content will slowly go off and it becomes thick.ginger-9Stir it in low flame. It becomes thicker.ginger-11When it turns in halwa consistency, without sticking, switch off the flame.ginger-12Store the lehyam in container after cool down.ginger-2-2Keep away from water. For long time storage, always use spoons instead of hand. Try this simple easy and the best powerful medicine at your home and please don’t forget leave your interesting comments..


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