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Jam biscuit \ Biscuit recipe

jam-biscuit-9-2Delicious butter biscuits filled with jam in center…, makes our tongue watery. First time I made this biscuit and it came yummy.. I made different shapes of biscuits and I thought to fill with jam in round shape. It was so nice. I added egg in this biscuits. If we add egg, it gives good texture to the biscuits. We can make without egg also. I used brown sugar for sweetness. We can use white sugar also. We can store the biscuits in air tight container for number of days or months. Also, we can refrigerate  the biscuit dough for a month. So that, we can make biscuits whenever we want. I’m very excited to share this yummy delicious biscuit recipe with you all. Let us see, how to prepare the Jam biscuits.jam-biscuitjam-biscuit-5-3Info

Method :

Keep the butter in room temperature for melting. Add sugar and mix with butter well. I used brown sugar.

jam-biscuit jam-biscuit-2Add one egg, vanilla essence and mix.

jam-biscuit-4 jam-biscuit-5Add maida, baking powder and baking soda.

jam-biscuit-6Add milk or water to make a soft dough. No need to kneed the dough more. We can just make soft dough and cover it with the butter paper.jam-biscuit-7Keep the covered dough in refrigerator for minimum 25 to 30 mins to get the biscuits in correct texture.jam-biscuit-8After 30 mins, spread the dough using rolling spin. Dip the your favorite shape cutter into the maida and cut the spread dough.jam-biscuit-9 jam-biscuit-10Cut the dough in round shape and cut out the center round in some rounds. Bake the different shapes of biscuits in preheated oven in 25 to 30 mins.jam-biscuit-12After baking, fill jam in center of whole rounds. Join the jam filled biscuits in center out biscuits and spread some sugar in the jam. (It’s Optional).jam-biscuit-13 jam-biscuit-14jam-biscuitjam-biscuit-8-3Delicious Jam biscuits and my favorite shape biscuits are ready to serve. Try this original taste of jam biscuits and enjoy with your kids. Please don’t forget to share your comments..

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