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Paneer Jalebi \ Jalebi making with homemade paneer \ Homemade paneer jalebi recipe


Jalebi is one of the favorite sweet dish for most of us. Today, I’m going to try the delicious jalebi with paneer. I prepare paneer at home itself. To making a delicious and healthy sweet, I always spend little more time. Homemade paneer is more soft and healthy also. I already tried the normal jalebi and posted it. The recipe link is here.. Jalebi recipeThis is very tasty and easy to prepare also. For making jalebi, I used polythene cone. We can also try with ketch up bottle or we can use a white clean cloth with hole on center also. If we are using plastic paper, we have to be very careful while making jalebi, because in heat, the plastic will blast. We have to take care while we making jalebi. After making jalebi, we will dip  into the sugar syrup. The sugar syrup should be in one string consistency. I’m very much glad to share this sweet recipe with you all. Let us see, how to prepare Homemade paneer Jalebi.paneer-jalebi-10


Method :
Making Paneer :

To make paneer, First we have to boil the milk.paneer-jalebi-15When the milk boiled, squeeze the lemon juice in the boiling milk. Stir for 1 minute. The milk will be curdling.paneer-jalebi-14 paneer-jalebi-13Once the milk curdling done, Drain the curdling milk into the muslin cloth. Pour some cold water to cool down. We can use ice water also.

paneer-jalebi-12 paneer-jalebi-11Tie up the cloth and hang it for drain water completely about 30 mins to 1 hour.paneer-jalebi-10After 1 hour, open the cloth and slightly kneed the paneer to make softer.paneer-jalebi-9 paneer-jalebi-8Making Jalebi Batter :

In a bowl, kneed crumbled paneer to make soft. Now we can add maida, corn flour.
paneer-jalebi-7paneer-jalebiAdd baking powder, baking soda. Add little milk to make the batter consistency. The consistency of batter should be thicker than idly batter. If we add baking powder, the jalebi will be crispy. For soft jalebi, we can add only baking soda.paneer-jalebi-16Making sugar syrup :

Boil the water and add sugar in it. Keep boiling the sugar in water. Add cardamon and keep boiling until it comes in one string consistency. Keep the syrup in low flame to keep warm.

paneer-jalebiMaking Jalebi :

Mix the batter without any lumps and make soft. Pour the batter in the plastic cone.paneer-jalebi-16Heat oil in a frying pan, make jalebi directly into the hot oil. Keep it in medium flame to avoid the jalebi burnt. Turn the jelabi and fry till it comes golden brown.paneer-jalebi paneer-jalebi-2 paneer-jalebi-3

paneer-jalebi-4 paneer-jalebi-5After getting golden brown, take out from the oil and put it in the warm sugar syrup.paneer-jalebi-11Wow!.. Mouthwatering …The yummy and delicious paneer jalebi is ready to serve for your kids..paneer-jalebipaneer-jalebiTry this yummy sweet dish and please don’t forget to share your comments.

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