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Schezwan Veg fried rice \ Veg fried rice with homemade schezwan sauce

schezwan-riceOne of my favorite Chines dishes is Schezwan veg fried rice. It is full of veggies and mixed with hot and spicy schezwan sauce. I prepared with homemade schezwan sauce. If we prepare and store the sauce , this fried rice will be very easy to prepare in short time. My daughter likes this very much. She usually hesitate spicy foods. But she had this fried rice without hesitating and ask me to pack for her lunch box also. I do not add ajinomoto in this rice. Without ajinomoto also the dish is very tasty and it will be healthy. I’m very glad to share this recipe. Let us see how to prepare the tasty and spicy Schezwan veg fried rice.schezwan-riceveg-fried-rice

Method :

Wash and soak basmathi rice for 30 minutes. Boil the water, add soaked rice. When it is boiling, add cinnamon, cardamon, star anas, bay leaf and 1 tblsp of ghee.schezwan-fried-rice-16schezwan-fried-riceStrain the water after the rice cooked 3/4th.schezwan-fried-rice-8Chop the veggies as your wish. I’m adding carrots, beans, capsicum and few cabbage slices. We can add mushroom, paneer or sweetcorn also.schezwan-fried-rice-17Heat oil in a kadai, add cumin seeds(Jeera). I’m using shahi jeera. We can use normal jeera or cumin seeds. After the seeds splutter, add onion slices with curry leaves.schezwan-fried-rice-14After onion getting golden brown, add the chopped veggies and saute till the vegetables half cooked.schezwan-fried-riceMix shezwan sauce and stir. No need to add any other masala powders and ginger garlic paste. Adding only the sauce is good enough for getting the original taste of schezwan fried rice.schezwan-fried-rice-9Add 3/4th cooked rice and mix it well.schezwan-fried-rice-7After mixing well, squeeze lemon juice and mix.schezwan-fried-rice-5Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Hmm. Yummy.. Schezwan veg fried rice is ready to serve hot with any Manchurian or onion raitha.schezwan-fried-rice-2schezwan-riceTry this hot and spicy fried rice and please don’t forget to share your experience thru your valuable comments.