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Then Mittai \ Sugar candy \ Kids special Honey candy

then-mittaiKids special…When I was in my school days, everyday myself and my sister used to buy Then mittai in a small shop near by our school. I never ever forgot those days. Now a days, in some places only we can get this delicious sweet. So I decided to prepare at home. After that only I knew, how much easy this is to prepare… It was very nice and it took me to my childhood days. My daughter and hubby also likes very much. In this recipe, I used urad dal and idly rice only. For crispness and fluffy, I added 2 pinches of baking soda. For getting color, I added orange food color. We have to add in the sugar syrup soon after take out from the hot oil. The sugar syrup should be in one string consistency. I’m very much excited to share this traditional yummy delicious sweet recipe to all. Let us prepare the Pottikadai recipe Then mittai.then-mittaiinfo


Wash the urad dal and idly rice and soak for at least one hour. After 1 hour, grind the dal and rice as batter. The batter should be thick in consistency.then-mittai-13 then-mittai-12Add orange food color, pinch of salt, pinch of baking soda. Mix the batter well and keep it aside. Meanwhile, we can make sugar syrup.then-mittai-10 then-mittai-9In a bowl, add sugar and water and bring it to boil till it comes in one string consistency. Keep the syrup in low flame to keep warm.then-mittai-11Heat oil in a kadai, take the batter in a spoon or better we can use our hand, pour it to the hot oil in small balls. then-mittai-8 Turn the balls to cook even in all sides. Do not add more balls at a time.then-mittai-7After cooked in all the sides and getting golden brown, takeout from the oil and mix it in the sugar syrup. So that the syrup will go inside. then-mittai-6Hmm… Wow!… Mouthwatering Then mittai is ready to eat.then-mittaiTry this simple sweet recipe and enjoy with your kids and also go back to your childhood days. Please don’t forget to share your experience thru comments.

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