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Vegetable cheese dosa \ Healthy breakfast for kids \ Veg dosa

 We usually make dosa with any different chutney. My daughter always ask me to prepare dosa with sambar. I thought to prepare something different in making dosa. I added red chutney with vegetables and my daughter’s favorite cheese. In vegetables, we can add any vegetable with our own innovative ideas. We can add paneer, mushrooms and also non-veg items. It is very healthy and tasty. Also every kids will like this dosa very much. We no need any side dish for this dosa. If we need we can use mint chutney or coconut chutney as side dish. For this dosa, we need normal dosa batter. Let we see, how to prepare the healthy and tasty vegetable cheese dosa. veg-dosa-12

Veg dosa

Method :

First of all, we have to make chutney. For that grind Onion, tomato, red chilies, ginger, garlic with salt as smooth paste. tomato-dosa-13Heat oil in a pan, add mustard. Add ground chutney after mustard pops. Keep the chutney in medium flame until the oil spreads on the top.

chutneyCut the vegetables. I used corn kernels, beans, carrots, capsicum and potatoes.Boil the potatoes, peel off and smash it. Boil water and blanch veggies. Mix the blanched veggies with mashed potato. Keep ready with grated cheese, vegetable mix and prepared red chutney.

veg-dosaveg-dosa-2Heat dosa thava, pour the batter to make dosa. Add butter in center. veg-dosa-4Spread red chutney with butter nicely. veg-dosa-5Spread veggies mix. veg-dosa-6

Add grated cheese and close the dosa with a lid. After 2 minutes, open the lid, roll the dosa.



Yummy… Vegetable cheese dosa is ready to serve..If we need, we can use chutney as side dish. veg-dosa-11Try this healthy tasty dosa and your kids will appreciate you. Try and Please send your valuable comments..

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