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Homemade Chocolate \ Nuts stuffed chocolate \ Homemade chocolate with nuts stuffed

homemade-chocolateHomemade chocolate.. All the kids like chocolate. My daughter will not eat more chocolates in past. But now a days, she is eating more and more chocolates. Today I tried homemade chocolates stuffed with nuts and rolled with desiccated coconut. It was awesome. My daughter likes very much. Instead of eating plain chocolates, it is so nice to have chocolate stuffed with nuts . It is very easy to prepare. I fried the nut with little ghee. So that the taste will be very nice. After melting the chocolate, I added 1 tsp of butter and milk. After mixing these two ingredients, the melted chocolate turned thick. We have easily roll and stuff the nuts. I placed the chocolate in refrigerator only 10 minutes. After that it was ready to eat. If we keep more time, it will be turn hard. Myself and my hubby made this chocolate with our own design. You can make your own innovative ideas and surprise your kids. Let us prepare the delicious nuts stuffed homemade chocolates.homemade-chocolate-2info


Heat 1 teaspoon of ghee in a kadai, fry the nuts and keep it aside.homemade-chocolate-14Grate the coconut and dry fry till it gets golden brown. We can buy desiccated coconut at stores also.homemade-chocolate-13In a bowl take some water and bring it to boil for double boiling.homemade-chocolate-16In another bowl, Make small pieces in milk compound and keep the bowl over the boiling water.homemade-chocolate-7homemade-chocolate-15It should be melt evenly. After melted well, take out from double boiling. Mix it well without any lumps.homemade-chocolate-12Add 1 teaspoon of butter and 2 teaspoon of milk and mix. The chocolate will turn thick.homemade-chocolate-11 homemade-chocolate-10In a hand touching heat, make the chocolate round and stuff nuts in center. We can make our own design.homemade-chocolate-9Roll the stuffed chocolate in desiccated coconut.homemade-chocolate-8Freeze the coconut dressed chocolates for 10 minutes to make perfect consistency.homemade-chocolateAfter 10 minutes, take out from the freezer and serve fresh chocolates. We can store the chocolate in refrigerator for more days.homemade-chocolate-17Try this delicious homemade chocolate recipe and please don’t forget to leave your cherished comments.

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