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Paneer tikka roll \ Healthy breakfast for kids \ Perfect snacks box recipe Paneer tikka roll

paneer-tikka-rollPaneer tikka roll..I always think about different snacks box recipe for my kid. Today, I prepare vegetarian roll with paneer tikka. My daughter likes rolls and also paneer tikka. I mixed together and made paneer tikka roll. She liked very much and she asked to send this roll once in a week for her snacks. I used mayonnaise sauce in this roll. I mixed mayonnaise with yogurt(curd) and crushed garlic and pinch of pepper powder. It gives the roll the perfect restaurant taste. It is so easy to prepare and paneer is a pack of calcium. So this is the most healthy breakfast or snack box recipe for all the kids and every kid will definitely like this roll. I uses maida flour to make all the rolls. I already posted the veg kathi roll in my page. The link is here.. Veg kathi roll . I do not add cheese in this roll. If we want, we can add cheese also. I’m glad to share this wonderful roll recipe. Let us see, how to prepare the perfect snacks box recipe Paneer tikka roll.paneer-tikka-roll-3info


Making dough:

In a mixing bowl, add maida, mix with salt and oil. Add some water and kneed to make soft dough. Kneed and cover the dough with white wet cloth for some time.paneer-tikka-roll-16

Making paneer tikka:

Cut the paneer in cubes and add it into the warm water to make softer for 3-5 minutes.paneer-tikka-roll-18In a bowl, add thick curd with turmeric powder, cumin powder(jeerahapodi), fennel powder(sombupodi), garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste and salt. Mix well.paneer-tikka-roll-19After 5 minutes, drain the water from paneer and marinate with curd mix. Keep the mixer in refrigerator for minimum 15 minutes.paneer-tikka-roll-17After 15 minutes, Heat dosa thava or flat kadai, heat oil and make shallow fry the marinated paneer. Turn all the sides. 1 minute is enough for 1 side. After fried all the sides, take out from the thava and keep it aside.paneer-tikka-roll-15Slice two onions and capsicum. Heat oil in a kadai, slightly saute the onions and capsicum slices and keep it aside.paneer-tikka-roll-14

Making sauce:

In a bowl, add 1 spoon of mayonnaise, 1 spoon of curd with crushed garlic and 1 pinch of pepper powder. Mix well.paneer-tikka-roll-13

Making roll :

Kneed the dough and divide equal parts. Roll the balls and spread using rolling spin as thin roties. Heat thava, make roties. Do not place the roti more time in thava, this cause, roti will be like pappad.veg-roll-6Keep ready with all the ingredients.paneer-tikka-roll-12After making roti, spread white sauce in center.paneer-tikka-roll-11Keep the fried onions and capsicum over the sauce.paneer-tikka-roll-10Add  paneer tikka over the onions.paneer-tikka-rollPlace chopped coriander leaves and start roll the roti.paneer-tikka-roll-7Now roll the roti as shown below.paneer-tikka-roll-6Roll with the butter paper and pack in snack box for your kids. And your kids will come from school with full energy and will say thank you for making this wonderful roll.paneer-tikka-rollTry this tikka roll recipe and please post your valuable comments. Enjoy..






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