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Peanut chikki balls \ Kadalai urundai mittai

peanut-chikkiKadalai urundai mittai… Peanut chikki balls…Without a sweet, a meal will not be complete. Every day, after lunch all of my family members will have one sweet like peanut chikki, sesame chikki (ellu urundai), then mittai, etc.. Peanut chikki is also called kadalai mittai in placed an important role in our home after lunch. It is also a Karthigai month’s special sweet. I used to prepare Kadalai mittai for Thirukarthigai deepam day on every year. For preparing this delicious sweet, the jaggery syrup consistency is very much important to get perfect mittai. The syrup should be turn hard after getting cool down. Otherwise, the chikki will not stick together. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty and delicious peanut chikki or Kadali mittai.peanut-chikki-3info

Method :

Dry fry the peanuts till it turned crispy and having black dots over the nut.peanut-chikki-2-2Place the fried peanuts in a paper, crush coarsely with your hand or bottom of any flat bowl or rolling pin.peanut-chikki-3-2 Heat a kadai, add ghee. When ghee melts, add jaggery powder and stir it well.peanut-chukkiIt melts and keep stirring till it gets one string consistency. To check the correct consistency, take one bowl of water and add 1/2 a spoon of melted jaggery. It should be turn hard after getting cool down.peanut-chikki-8 peanut-chikki-9When the syrup comes in correct consistency, add coarsely crushed peanut and mix it well. After mixing well with the syrup, takeout from the flame.peanut-chikki-10Spread ghee in your palm. Before the warmness goes, we have to make round shape balls over it. If it is getting cool, it will be hard. We can reheat the chikki for shaping.peanut-chikkiThe delicious yummy peanut chikki balls are ready to serve. We can store it in a container for couple of months.peanut-chikki-6Try this and store it at your home and keep enjoying. Please don’t forget to post your comments.

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