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Schezwan mushroom noodles \ Mushroom noodles with schezwan sauce

schezwan-noodles-11Stir fry noodles with spicy and delicious schezwan sauce. To give more interesting, I’m adding mushrooms. Mushroom schezwan noodles is a yet another Indo-Chinese food that most people love to have. My daughter always lazy about eating. But, What a miracle, when I prepared this Schezwan mushroom noodles for her, She had within 10 minutes. She liked very much and she packed for her lunch box also. No need to add  ajinomoto for taste. The taste is there in the schezwan sauce itself. Along with the schezwan sauce, I added only soya sauce. I’m not adding any other sauces. I prepared with mushroom. We can prepare with any of our favorite vegetables. Very quick recipe and easy to prepare, if you are stored schezwan sauce at home. I already posted the Schezwan sauce recipe. I’m very excited to share this tasty and quick recipe of Mushroom noodles with schezwan sauce. Let us prepare the noodles.schezwan-noodles-9info

Method :

Clean and cut the mushrooms and blanch it in hot water.schezwan-noodles-3Boil water in a bowl. When the water is rolling to boil, add the noodles to cook.schezwan-noodles-1Allow the noodles to cook well. After it cooked drain the water using strainer.veg-noodles-11Spread the cooked and strained noodles and add oil to get non sticky.schezwan-noodles-2Heat oil in a kadai, add onion and capsicum  slices and saute.schezwan-noodles-4Add blanched mushrooms and saute.schezwan-noodles-5Mix salt, schezwan sauce, soya sauce and saute for 1 minutes.schezwan-noodles-6Now mix the cooked noodles and mix it well with the sauces.schezwan-noodles-8Wow!..Great.. The tasty Schezwan mushroom noodles is ready to serve hot.schezwan-noodles-13Try this wonderful noodles recipe and please share your comments.


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