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Vegetable Noodles \ Veg Hakka noodles \ Veg chow mein recipe


Veg Hakka noodles…Vegetable Noodles is one of the famous Indo-Chinese recipe that almost all the kids like it. When we were in Delhi, we often have veg noodles called veg chow mein in restaurants. It is fried with all veggies with boiled noodles. My daughter always ask me to prepare Maggie noodles. Then I tried this type of Hakka veg noodles with variety of vegetables. I used carrots, beans, mushrooms with capsicum. We can add more vegetables as our wish and ideas. We can use sweet corn also. Very easy to prepare and healthy also because of all vegetables. For preparing noodles, first we have to boil the noodles, then drain the water. After drain the water, spread the noodles and add oil to get non-sticky noodles. First, I’m trying veg noodles, later i’m going to try schezwan noodles. I will post the recipe late. Let us see, how to prepare the Veg Hakka noodles or Chowmein.veg-noodles-5info


In a bowl, boil 1 cup of water.veg-noodles-13When it rolling to boil, add noodles and boil it with adding salt till it is cooked.veg-noodles-12After cooked the noodles, drain the water using strainer. After strained, spread the cooked noodles and add oil for to get non sticky.veg-noodles-11Cut the veggies of your choice, blanch in hot water.veg-noodles-9Heat oil in a kadai, add onion slices and capsicum slices and saute well.veg-noodles-10After the onion turned transparent, add blanched veggies and saute. Add required salt for veggies. We already added salt for noodles.veg-noodles-8After 2 minutes of saute, add tomato sauce, soya sauce and green chilly sauce. If we want, we can add pepper.veg-noodles-7Mix them well and ya.. the tasty veg noodles is ready to serve hot with sauce or we can have as it is.veg-noodles-6veg-noodlesTry this wonderful veg noodles recipe and don’t forget to place your comments.


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