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Crispy corns / Sweet corn pakoda

crispy-cornsSweet corn is having a lot of nutritional values. Having Vitamin C and B and also potassium and magnesium. Sweet corn is a fiber rich vegetable that all of us will like it’s taste. We usually eat boiled sweet corn in shops as butter corns, corn chaat etc. I always buy full sweet corns with husk. Separate the corn kernels, then I use for various dishes. I already post recipe with sweet corn Tikki, vada. The link is here.. Sweet corn tikki. We got a chance to have this tasty crispy corns in a restaurant. I thought of prepare at home. Today, I prepared sweet corn pakoda also called crispy corns using this healthy vegetable. It is a very tasty snack item that all the kids will definitely like this snack. My daughter also liked it very much. Try this wonderful snack item at your home also and get appreciation from your family members. let us prepare the yummy and tasty snack crispy corns.crispy-cornsinfo

Method :

Remove the husk of the corn and separate the corn kernels.crispy-corns-1 crispy-corns-2Take a bowl and mix basan, rice flour, chilly powder, salt and baking soda. Mix well as bajji batter mix.crispy-corns-3Add the corn kernels in basan mix.crispy-corns-4Heat oil in a kadai, fry the basan batter mix corns till it gets golden brown or fully cooked.crispy-corns-6Transfer the fried corn pakodas to the serving dish and decorate with the fried curry leaves and serve hot.crispy-corns-12Try this tasty simple snack recipe at home and enjoy with your family members. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts though your comments.


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