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Honey potato / Chilli honey potato fries

honey_potatoPotato fries is one of the favorite food item for almost all the people. Here…I tried , the tasty Chili honey potato fries. I used baby potatoes for making this fry. We can use normal potatoes also. I used this in Manchurian style. I added honey to taste more. Because of adding honey, all the kids will like this honey potato fries. My daughter liked very much. It is one of the best starters, especially for kids. For making this dish, I fried the baby potatoes marinated with corn flour, rice flour, basan and masala powders. After that, I saute with onion, garlic, sauces and finally I added honey. Simple and easy to prepare. Let us see, how to prepare chilly honey potato.honey_potatoinfo-1

Method :

Peel of the potatoes and cut it as round pieces. Boil the water, add salt and turmeric powder. Blanch the round potatoeshoney_potato-1 honey_potato-2In a bowl, mix corn flour, rice flour, basan with masala powders and salt.honey_potato-3Mix with water like bujji bonda batter.honey_potato-6Heat oil in a kadai, dip the blanched potatoes in bujji batter mix and make deep fry it. Keep it aside.honey_potato-8 honey_potato-9 Heat 2 teaspoon of oil in a kadai, add chopped garlic. Add onion and capsicum slices and saute.honey_potato-10Crush or grate  ginger, add  and saute well.
honey_potato-11Add soya sauce and pepper powder and salt.honey_potato-12Now we are going to add fried potatoes and mix well.honey_potato-13Add honey and mix well.honey_potato-14Transfer to the serving dish and decorate with sesame seeds and serve hothoney_potato

Try this wonderful potato recipe and enjoy the starter with your kids. Please don’t forget to post your comments.honey_potato










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