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Mango rice \ Raw mango rice recipe

Mango riceRaw mango rice…In mango season, we will get more mangoes. Today, I tried tangy and simple interesting recipe with raw mango. Mango rice  is a very tasty rice recipe that all the kids will like it’s taste very much. Actually my daughter likes mangoes very much. I used to prepare mango pachadi very often. She only asked me to prepare rice recipe with raw mango. For the first time i tried and it came very well. In this recipe, I used grated coconut also along with the grated raw mango. It is optional. If we like coconut, we can add. I added cashew nuts instead of peanuts. We can use peanuts also. Very tasty, tangy and simple recipe, everyone can try this wonderful rice. Let us see, how to prepare the the tasty Raw mango rice.Mango riceInfo

Method :

Cook the rice. Peel off the raw mango and grate it. Grate the coconut.Mango rice-1-2Heat oil in a kadai, add cashews and mustard seeds.Mango rice-2-2Add green chilies, grated ginger and curry leaves after the mustard seeds.Mango rice-3-2Now add grated raw mango and stir well.
Mango rice-4-2Add grated coconut and mix it well.Mango rice-5It is the time to add cooked rice and salt. Mix well till the raw mango blend with the rice.Mango rice-6 Mango rice-7Transfer the rice in the serving dish  and serve hot with any chutney. It goes with any type of gravy or curries. We can have without any side dish.Mango rice

Every one try this interesting rice recipe and enjoy with your kids. Please post your valuable comments.

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