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SOLANUM TRILOBATUM Soup \ Thoothuvali rasam

Thoothuvalai rasamThoothuvalai Keerai is also called Solanum Trilobatum is one of the rare herbal leaf. Today, I prepare rasam or soup using this healthy herb thoothuvali. This herb is having a lot of health benefits. It is the best medicine for congested cold, cough and even asthma, sinus and lung diseases. This herb is useful for breathing problems also. It gives more energy for our body  especially for pregnant ladies. It is suitable for all kind of people. We can drink this rasam as soup. Preparation this healthy rasam is very simple and it is effective for cold when we have as hot rasam. My mother had this rasam and got quick relief from cold and cough. This leaves having thorns in it. It won’t affect the taste. If it is big thorns, we can remove it. Try this healthy rasam in healthy herb and get full health benefits. Let us see, how to prepare thoothuvali rasam.Thoothuvalai rasam-13Info


In a bowl, soak tamarind and tomatoes.Thoothuvalai rasam-1Mix well with your hand tamarind and tomatoes, add salt and keep it aside.Thoothuvalai rasam-7Clean the fresh leaves and wash it well.Thoothuvalai rasam-2In a the kadai, put 1 tsp of oil, fry the cleaned leaves and keep it aside.Thoothuvalai rasam-3Grind coarsely pepper, cumin seeds, garlic and turmeric powder. Along with the powder grind fried thoothuvalai leaves also.Thoothuvalai rasam-5Heat oil in a kadai, add mustard seeds and methi seeds(venthayam).Thoothuvalai rasam-6Add curry leaves and red chilies.Thoothuvalai rasam-8Now add coarsely ground powder and saute for 1 minute. Add asafoetida powder.(kayam podi).Thoothuvalai rasam-9 Thoothuvalai rasam-10Mix  the tempering into the tamarind tomato mix and keep it in the flame for 2-3 minutes.Thoothuvalai rasam-11When the rasam gets foam and before starting boiling, take out from the flame and it is ready to serve hot with rice.Thoothuvalai rasam-12Thoothuvalai rasamTry this powerful medicine and stay healthy. Please post you healthiest comments.




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