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Baingan bharta / Brinjal curry

Brinjal batraBrinjal is also called egg plant and baingan in Hindi is one the healthy and calcium rich vegetable. Using brinjal, I used to prepare different types of dishes called brinjal chops, Stuffed brinjal fry, brinjal raitha, brinjal fry, brinjal tamarind curry. Today, I prepared one national famous dish called baingan bharta using big brinjal. Usually, for this dish, we have to cook the brinjal in direct fire, then peel off the skin. But, I peel of the skin first itself and  cooked in pressure cooker leaving only one whistles. This is the easy preparation and the taste also very nice. We can have this tasty dish as a side dish for rice, idly, dosa and chappathy also.I’m very glad to share this wonderful side dish baigan bharta. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty brinjal curry or baingan bharta.Brinjal batra-10info


Peel off the Brinjal and cut into medium pieces.Pressure cook the Brinjal with adding salt and turmeric powder. Only one whistle is enough to cook Brinjal.Brinjal batraHeat oil in a kadai, add mustard seeds. After the seeds pops, add chopped shallots (small onion), garlic and Saute till onion gets golden brown.Brinjal batraAdd finely chopped tomatoes and Saute till the tomatoes smash.Brinjal batraAdd cooked Brinjal.Brinjal batraSmash the Brinjal well.Brinjal batraAdd turmeric powder, chilly powder,cumin powder(seerahapodi)  and little salt and mix it well.Brinjal batraAllow it to boil till the raw smell of the masala goes and cook well.Brinjal batraFor cook well, it will take 5_6 minutes. After cooked, transfer to the serving dish and garnish with coriander leaves.Brinjal batraHmm…. Yummy tasty Baingan bharta is ready to serve with tiffin items and with rice also. Try this amazing recipe and please post your lovely comments.


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