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Bitter guard curry/Bitterless bitter guard pachadi/ No onion No garlic recipe

Bitter guard curryBitterless bitter guard recipe… Have anyone tried bitter guard without bitter taste? Here… I tried today, bitter less bitter guard curry in Karnataka style. Using bitter guard, I have tried  already Bitter guard tamarind gravy, Stuffed bitter guard and  bitter guard chips recipes. I’m going to share you a typical Karnataka style pachadi recipe in this post. In Karnataka, they will add jaggery for all the dishes. In this dish also, I am using jaggery to get Karnataka flavor and also to remove the bitterness in bitter guard. This recipe is one of the amazing taste of no onion, no garlic recipes. All of my family members liked very much. Mostly kids will not eat bitter guard. If we prepare like this pachadi, adding jaggery, they will definitely like this taste. I’m very glad to share this wonderful post for you all. Let us see, how to prepare Bitter guard pachadi.Bitter guard curry-12Info

Method :

Wash the bitter guard, cut round thin slices.Bitter guard curry-1Heat oil in a kadai, fry the sliced bitter guard till it fried well. If the vegetable not fried properly, the bitter taste will be remain in the bitter guard.Bitter guard curry-2Add turmeric powder, masala powder(chilly powder and coriander powder), salt.Bitter guard curry-3Squeeze  tamarind pulp and add.Bitter guard curry-4We can add some water, mix it and allow it to cook till the raw smell goes.Bitter guard curry-5Add grated coconut and mix it.Bitter guard curry-6Now we are going to add powdered jaggery and mix it well.Bitter guard curry-7Yummy.. bitter guard pachadi is ready to serve hot with rice or any tiffin items.Bitter guard curry-8Try this healthy amazing bitter guard recipe and please don’t forget to share your comments.

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