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Drumstick leaves clear soup \ The best healthy soup for kids

Clear soupDrumstick leaves is having amazing health benefits like it is rich in Iron. Also this leaves having a lot of Vitamins, minerals, potassium, calcium , protein and also lot of fluids in it. Drumstick leaves is very good for school going children because  of having B complex. It strengthen our bones. It is very helpful to increase HB level in blood, especially for pregnant ladies. Also it controls the blood sugar level. When we add drumstick leaves in our daily diet, it will improve our blood circulation and helps healthy digestion. Mostly, kids are hesitate to have green leaves as curries or fries. So, I’m always prepare soup with drumstick leaves for my daughter. She likes this soup very much. I’m very happy to share this wonderful healthy soup recipe with you all. Let us see how to prepare this amazing drumstick leaves soup.Clear soupInfoMethod :

Clean the leaves and wash it well.Clear soup-1Heat water in a bowl. Allow it to boil.Clear soup-2When the water boiling, add washed drumstick leaves. When it started to boiling, add slices shallots(sambar onion), tomatoes, garlic, cumin seeds.Clear soupAdd turmeric powder and allow it boil till the leaf’s soup completely comes out and water reduces in half.Clear soupAfter it boiled well, takeout from the flame and drain the soup completely by pressing the cooked leaves and other ingredients.Clear soup-5Clear soup-10Transfer the soup in a serving bowl, add salt and pepper and serve hot.Clear soup-6Try this amazing healthy soup recipe and stay healthy. Please share your thoughts thru your comments.

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