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Homemade Potato smiles / Healthy snack for kids/The best after school snack

Potato smiliesHomemade potato smiles..Healthy snack for kids…Smiling yummy potatoes is one of the favorite snack items for my daughter.  She always ask me to buy frozen potato smiles which is available in markets. I used to say, it is full of preservatives and don’t eat more. Then I decided to prepare at home, Homemade potato smiles. When we see this snack also, definitely smile will appear on our face. It is a wonderful snack item which is protein rich and no added any preservatives. Some people will add egg in the dough. I’m not adding egg and I prepared as pure vegetarian snack. All kids will love it and it is the best after school snack item. This wonderful smiles is prepared with smashed boiled potatoes. I’m very glad to share this recipe with you all. Let us see, how to prepare the healthy and tasty homemade snack item.. Potato smiles.Potato smiliesInfo

Method :

Boil water in a bowl. Potato smilies-12Peel off the skin in potatoes, cut into medium pieces and add it in to the boiling water.Potato smilies-2-2After the potatoes are fully boiled, drain the water.Potato smilies-3-2Smash the boiled and drained potatoes without any lumps.Potato smilies-4-2Add corn flour, pepper powder, salt to the smashed potatoes.Potato smilies-5-2Mix it well with your hand. We can add egg yolk also. I’m not adding egg. We can preserve this dough in refrigerator, covered with polythene paper for 2-3 days. Potato smilies-6-2Mix the potato dough well and make lemon size ball. Softly press the potato balls to make round shape. Make rounds in all the dough.Potato smilies-14

For making eyes, use pencil or straw.Potato smilies-13For smiling, we can use spoon.Potato smilies-9-2Heat oil in a frying pan, deep fry the smiles.Potato smilies-2-3After fried well in both the sides, transfer to the serving plate and enjoy with tomato sauce.Potato smilies-8Try this wonderful happy faces potato smiles at your home and keep smile always..Don’t forget to share your happiness thru your lovely comments.



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