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Kappa curry/ Tapioca curry

Kappa curryKappa is also called Tapioca is one of the traditional food items in Kerala. In Kerala, we can get fresh Kappa. We can get tasty Kappa only boiling with salt and turmeric powder. We can have Kerala fish curry as side dish for boiled Kappa.  In this post,  I am going to prepare Kappa curry only adding crushed shallots and red chilies. I’m adding boiled Kappa along with the water. We can avoid the water to get as dry Kappa. This type of Kappa curry is very tasty and we can have as breakfast or evening tiffin or we can have as dinner also. Very healthy for growing children. We can have raw mango curry as veg side dish. I will post the raw mango curry recipe in upcoming post. Let us see, how to prepare the healthy and tasty Kappa curry.Kappa curryInfo

Method :

Peel off the Kappa,  wash the mud over the Kappa and make medium pieces.Kappa curry-1Wash it well and transfer it to the pressure cooker add salt and turmeric powder with less water. Close the cooker lid and allow it to boil. If the Kappa is fresh, only one whistle is more than enough to boil. Otherwise, it will take 2-3 whistles.Kappa curry-2Crush shallots and red chilies using blender.Kappa curry-3Heat coconut oil in a kadai, add mustard  seeds.Kappa curry-4After the seeds pops,  add curry leaves and crushed shallots and red chilies. Saute 2-3 minutes.Kappa curry-5Add boiled Kappa along with the water and mix it well.Kappa curry-6Mix it for 2 minutes and transfer to the serving plate and garnish with curry leaves.Kappa curryWow… Great.. Tasty and healthy Kappa curry is ready to have as starters.Try this amazing curry and please don’t forget to post your comments.



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