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Thoothuvalai chutney \ Thoothuvalai thuvaiyal \ Solanum Trilobatum Herbal chutney

Thoothuvalai chutneySolanum Trilobatum is also called Thoothuvalai keerai in Tamil is one of the best healthy herb, which we get rarely. I got this amazing herb from my aunt. I already prepared rasam or soup using this thoothuvalai. The link is here.. Thoothuvalai rasam. Being thorns in this herb, we must be very careful while cleaning. If we found big thorns, we can remove it. Otherwise, it won’t affect the dish. It is very healthy for all kind of people. Today, I prepared tastiest chutney using this amazing leaf. It was wonderful. The taste is almost like mint leaf chutney. Everybody in my family liked very much. I already mention the health benefits of thoothuvalai in my rasam post. I’m very excited to share this wonderful chutney recipe with you all. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty and healthy thoothuvalai keerai chutney.Thoothuvalai chutney-6Info 1

Method :

Clean and wash the leaves without any mud.Thoothuvalai chutney-9Heat oil or ghee in a kadai, fry the washed leaves till it shrinks. Keep it aside.Thoothuvalai chutney-10In same kadai, add urad dal and mustard seeds. After the seeds pops, add shredded coconut, garlic, red chilies along with small ball of tamarind.Thoothuvalai chutney-11In a blender, add the fried ingredients along with fried leaves. After getting cool, blend well as a fine chutney.¬†Transfer the chutney to a serving bowl.Thoothuvalai chutneyYummy,.. thoothuvalai chutney is ready to serve. We can serve as it is, or we can add tempering. I’m not adding any tempering.Thoothuvalai chutney-8

Try this excellent healthy recipe and please post your valuable comments.

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