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Cajun potatoes / BBQ Nation style potatoes / Restaurant style starter

Potato fryCajun potatoes… The restaurant style starter..I got a chance to visit the famous restaurant Barbeque nation for friend’s get together party. I have tasted this yummy starter Cajun potatoes with Mayonnaise dip. It was so good in taste and I got different treat of taste. I wanted to try this yummy starter at my kitchen. Today, I prepared and it came very well and the taste is same as we tasted in restaurant. When we are trying to prepare  restaurant style recipes at home, its giving a great feeling and we will definitely get good treat of taste. For this recipe, we need baby potatoes. This is a very simple recipe that all can prepare at home with the required ingredients. I’m very glad to share this starter recipe with you all. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty restaurant style starter Cajun potatoes.Potato fryInfo


Boil the baby potatoes with skin in a bowl.Potato fryAfter the potatoes boiled, Drain the water. Keep it in a plate, press the potatoes with a spatula.Potato fryMix with the corn flour, salt and chilly powder.Potato fryHeat a frying pan, do fry the pressed marinated potatoes with little oil. This step is optional. We we want without spicy, we can avoid this step.Potato fry-12In a bowl, mix garlic Mayonnaise (If we use normal Mayonnaise, we can add garlic paste or powder), tomato sauce, 1 tsp of curd, oregano seasoning and chopped coriander leaves.Potato fry-11Transfer the fried potatoes in serving plate, add the Mayonnaise mix over it, garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve it as a starter.Potato fryTry this tasty and easy homemade restaurant recipe and please post your valuable comments.


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