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Custard fruits salad / Custard fruit bowl

Custard fruits-13Custard fruit salad / Custard fruit bowl…Summer started … Summer vacation also going to start for all the kids. In this summer, give your kids a great chill… treat with custard fruit salad. This is fully packed with healthy fruits with chilled custard milk. All kids will definitely love this wonderful taste and cooling in summer. Fruits gives energy to play and helps to be active in whole hot days. Very simple and easy preparation and also packed with vitamins and minerals. In this recipe, we have no restrictions in adding fruits. We have no restriction to add any type of fruits as per our taste and availability. We can add dry fruits also for making more healthy and getting surprise crunchy in between. Also we can add cardamon powder in this salad. I did not use cardamon powder. I very much glad to share this wonderful health packed salad with custard fruits. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty dessert Custard fruit salad.Custard fruitsInfo


Boil the milk in a bowl.Custard fruits-9Mix custard powder with 2 table spoon of milk separately and mix thoroughly without any lumps.Custard fruits-8When the milk gets boiling stage, add custard mix milk and stir well. Boil it till the milk thickens.Custard fruits-7Now the milk thickens like dosa batter. Switch off flame and make it completely cool down.
Custard fruits-5Cut the fruits as per your taste.Custard fruits-6After the milk cooled down add the fruits slowly .Custard fruit salad Add all the cut fruits and mix it.Custard fruitsKeep the salad in refrigerator for minimum 1-2 hours to get chilled completely. After chilled transfer the serving bowl, serve chill.Custard fruits-14Try this wonderful chill dessert recipe and stay chilled.

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