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Elephant Yam cutlet / Senai kizhangu cutlet / Yam patties

Yam cutletTasty and yummy cutlet made with yummy elephant yam…. Very tasty and healthy vegetarian fried cutlet and it is equal taste of mutton cutlet. Yam is rich in Vitamin B6 and calcium. So it strengthen our bones. Using this amazing vegetable elephant yam, I already tried different types of recipes like, Elephant yam with channa dal fry in Kerala style. Yam fry . This recipe is especially for kids and it is less spicy. Mostly kids are like non veg. If we prepare cutlet using yam, they will not identify it’s main ingredient is yam. The taste is almost like mutton. So they will have it without hesitating. We can have as a evening snack or side dish for rice. I’m very glad to share this tasty recipe with you all. Let us see how to prepare the yummy yam cutlet.Yam cutlet


Peel off the yam and cut roughly into medium pieces. Pressure cook it with leaving 2 whistles.Yam cutletAfter cooked, drain the water.Yam cutletSmash the cooked yam nicely.Yam cutletGrind grated coconut, red chilies and garlic coursly.Yam cutlet-22Mix with smashed yam with ground powder.Yam cutlet-19Add chopped onions, coriander leaves and salt.Yam cutlet-18Mix with rice flour and besan or fried gram dal powder(pottukadalai powder).Yam cutlet-6Mix all thoroughly. In a blender, make fine powder with corn flakes or we can grind oats.Yam cutlet-17Make cutlet shape in mixed yam dust in corn flakes powder.Yam cutlet-16Heat oil in a kadai, make deep fry the dusted cutlets in bothsides till it gets brown color.Yam cutlet-15Transfer the hot cutlets to the serving plate and serve with sauce or have as side dish.Yam cutletTry this wonderful healthy cutlet recipe and enjoy the taste. Please post your wonderful comments.

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