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Fried veg pockets / Healthy snacks for kids

Fried veg pocketsPocket full of healthy vegetables… Gives the kids and also adults full of energy. I tried and already posted steam momos with veg pockets. In this post, I’m going to share the same healthy veg pack and making more tasty, I fried the pockets after dipping in maida paste and oats powder. It gives the dish very tasty and healthy. In this fried pockets, I added cabbage, carrots and capsicum along with the onions. We can add the vegetables according to our tastes. We can add mushrooms, paneer, and even chicken, fish in non-veg version. Being a kid’s snack, I’m not adding any spicy except pepper powder. If we want spicy, we can add chilly powder and garam masala powder also. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty, healthy fried vegetables pockets.Fried veg pockets-3Info


In a mixing bowl, take 1 cup of maida, add salt and oil. Add water and make soft dough and keep it aside for 5-10 minutes.Fried veg pockets-9Grate or fine chop the required vegetables.Fried veg pockets-14Heat oil in a kadai, add mustard seeds. After the seeds pops, add chopped onions and saute well till it turns golden brown.Fried veg pockets-13Now, we are going to add all the veggies and saute without adding water. We can saute 3-4 minutes.Fried veg pockets-12Add salt and pepper powder and mix it. If we want spicy, we can add  chilly powder and garam masala powder.Fried veg pockets-11Kneed the dough and divide equal parts. Spread the divide part like thin sheet.Fried veg pockets-8Cut the sheet into small parts.Fried veg pockets-7Fill the vegetable filling in the center of small sheet.Fried veg pockets-6-2Close the sheet and press the edges with the folk spoon.Fried veg pockets-5-2Grind the oats as fine or course powder. Mix maida with water as a liquid. Dip the pockets in the maida liquid, dip in the oats powder.Fried veg pockets-4-2Fried veg pockets-3-2Heat oil in a kadai, fry the oats dipped pockets till it turns golden brown in both the sides.Fried veg pockets-2-2Transfer the fried pockets to the serving plate and serve hot with tomato sauce.Fried veg pockets-2Try this wonderful healthy pack and enjoy with health pack. Please post your energy pack comments.

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