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Kichadi / vegetable rava Kichadi / veg kesari bath

KichadiKichadi..Rava upma is one of my favorite breakfast recipe. Making more interesting, added colorful vegetables with ghee roasted cashews and it is popularly called as rava Kichadi in South India. This is very tasty, healthy and also very famous South Indian breakfast recipe. I added beans, carrots, sweet corn in this Kichadi. We can also add various veggies as per our taste. In tempering, I added fried peanuts to make more tastier. If we buy roasted rava, we need not fry the rava long time. Otherwise we have to roast well to avoid stickiness. The best side dish for Kichadi is coconut chutney and sambar. Or we can use only sambar for side dish. Let us see how to prepare the tasty, healthy, colorful rava Kichadi or veg rava kesari bath.


Rava Kichadi
Rava Kichadi

Wash and chop all the required vegetables. Boil the sweet corn.Kichadi-9Heat oil in a kadai, add peanuts. After fried the peanuts, add mustard seeds.Kichadi-8Now, we are going to add chopped onion, curry leaves, ginger slices, sliced green chilies after the seeds pop. Saute till the onions turned transparent.
Kichadi-7Time to add chopped veggies and boiled sweet corn and saute. If we want the veggies completely cooked, we can add some water to cook the vegetables. Otherwise, saute the veggies is enough for half cooked.Kichadi-5Dry roast rava and mix with the veggies. If the rava is not roasted properly, the kichadi will be sticky.Kichadi-4Add turmeric powder, salt, and 3-4 drops of lemon juice.Kichadi-3Make simmer the flame and add hot water little by little and mix it well continuously without making lumps.Kichadi-2Heat ghee in separate kadai or tempering ladle, fry cashews and add it in the kichadi. mix it and transfer to the serving plate and serve with coconut chutney, sambar.KichadiKichadiTry this healthy south Indian breakfast recipe enjoy your whole day with energy. Please don’t forget to post your colorful comment.

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