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Ragi koozh / Keppai koozh / Summer special recipe / Finger millet porridge

Ragi koozhRagi koozh / Keppai koozh…The best recipe for this hot hot summer is Ragi koozh. It is also known as keppai koozh in Tamil and finger millet porridge in English. In Tamil Nadu, in the Tamil month of Aadi, the whether is too hot. So, in temples, this special recipe will be distributed for all the people. In hot days, when we drink ragi koozh, it will be amazing feel and we will be have it more and more. I already posted ragi kali recipe. It is very healthy  and make our body cool down when we have this koozh than the kali recipe. I usually made the kali in the night itself and soak in water. Next morning or afternoon, mix with the curd and we have it. Wow.. It was a great feeling. Let us prepare, tasty, healthy and traditional taste of ragi koozh recipe.Ragi koozh-4Info 1


First of all we have to make ragi kali recipe. The link is here…   Ragi kaliRagi balls (2)Soak the ragi balls in 3 glasses of water overnight or 5-6 hours maximum.Ragi koozh (1)After 6 hours, mix the balls with your hand to make as koozh. In a bowl, take thick curd. Add chopped onion, raw mango, curry leaves, coriander leaves and green chilies.Ragi balls-2Mix the curd with the koozh or porridge well.Ragi koozh (2)Transfer to the serving mud bowl and serve it just with raw mango is more than enough. Or with the pappad (vadaham). My hubby made raw mango fry for side dish for this koozh.Ragi koozh-7 Ragi koozh-8Try this chill traditional healthy recipe …cooool..

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