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Ragi mudde / Ragi Kali / Finger millet balls

Ragi balls
Ragi balls

Ragi mudde is prepared with ragi flour and it is very famous in Karnataka, Andhra and also Tamil Nadu. This is perfect healthy breakfast. In olden days, people used to have these kind of traditional foods, so that our grandmas are very healthy and having more strength. Some of us will always eat only fast foods which is harmful for our body. If we are having these types of healthy diet food at least once in a week or a month,  we will also be stay in healthy. For many days I thought, making mudde or kali is very difficult and it will take long time. But when I start to make this kali or mudde, I prepared very easily and within 15 minutes it was ready. This is a very simple method which I posted here. For side dish, we can have pulischery, any tamarind gravy or with the butter milk. We had this mudde with pulischery or mor kuzhambu. Let us see the easiest way of making ragi mudde.Ragi kaliInfo

Health benefits of Ragi: 

  • One of the best health benefit of ragi is, it is the best weight loss recipe since, it reduce cholesterol level and reduce fat in liver.
  • Ragi is very helpful for diabetic patients in controlling sugar level in our body.
  • Since Ragi is having calcium and vitamin D, it helps to strengthen our bones.
  • Ragi is rich in Iron, so it improving HB level and it is very helpful for feeding mothers.

Method :

In a  cup of ragi flour, take 2 tsp of flour separately and mix with water in liquid form.Ragi balls-13 Ragi balls-10In a heavy bottom pan, (I took pressure pan, we can also take cooker). Boil 2 and 1/2 cups of water. Add salt and 1 tsp of gingaly oil. (optional).Ragi balls-12When the water is roll to boiling, add ragi water mix.Ragi balls-9Ragi balls-8Allow it to boil.Ragi balls-7When it’s started boiling, add remaining ragi flour and mix it without making lumps.Ragi balls-6Stir it continuously till it gets thickens. It should not stick in hand when we touch in wet hand. This is the correct consistency.Ragi balls-5 Ragi balls-4Wet your hand and make balls in the mudde and transfer to the serving plate.Ragi balls (2)Serve with the curry as per your taste. I am serving with pulischery.Ragi ballsTry this healthy breakfast grandma recipe and stay healthy.


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