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Ras malai / Rasa malai / Easy Homemade dessert Ras malai

Ras malaaiRas malai is the yummy Bengali sweet which will be favorite for all kind of people. It is prepared in the form of flatten chenna or paneer discs cooked in sugar syrup and then add it in the thick boiled and chilled milk mixed with saffron called rabri or rabdi. This sweet will be mouth watering and mouth immersing dish for sweet lovers. First time, I taste this yummy sweet when my uncle bought for me in my childhood. It was so delicious and the taste was mind-blowing. Now, my daughter also like very much. She always asking me to prepare rasgulla or ras malai. Today, I prepared ras malai for my daughter. Wow… It was a great feeling when we are having a wonderful dish like this yummy sweet dessert. In this post, I’m going to post the ras malai recipe. I will post rasgulla recipe in upcoming post. I’m very glad to share this amazing sweet here. Let us see, how to prepare the delicious sweet dessert recipe ras malai.Ras malaaiInfo


Making rabri:

Boil the milk in a bowl or a kadai. Bring it to boil. When it started to boiling, mix saffron/ Kesar in 2 tsp of milk and add it into the boiling milk. Add sugar and bring it to boil.Rasgulla Ras malaai-12Allow it to boil when the milk thickens. Milk will be reduce into half.Ras malaai-11 Ras malaai-10After the radri ready, switch off the flame and allow it to cool down. Keep it in refrigerator for minimum 1 hr.

Making chenna disc or rasgulla :

Boil milk in a bowl or a kadai. Bring it to boil. When it boiling time, add lime juice and mix.Ras malaai-17The milk will cuddled and way water separates.Ras malaai-15Drain the water with the white muslin cloth. Pour some cold water to cool down. Tie the the cloth to remove the excess water for 20-30 minutes.Rasgulla-2After drained the excess water, open the cloth.Rasgulla-3Kneed the paneer well as a soft dough.Ras malaai-8Make small size balls in the dough and press it gently to make as discs.Ras malaaiBoil water in a bowl, add sugar and mix it well till the sugar immerse completely.Ras malaai-5Add the paneer discs and allow it to boil for 3-5 minutes.Ras malaai-3After boiled the discs, it will be double in size.Ras malaai-2Take out from the flame and let it coll down completely. Transfer the disc in a serving bowl.Ras malaaiAdd chilled rabri and garnish with chopped pistachio.Ras malaai-5Try this tasty homemade desert and enjoy the yummy taste. Please post your sweet comments.

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