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Rava poori / sooji poori / sweet poori

Sweet poori-16Crispy poori stuffed with sweet rava… Wow… What a taste… Sweet rava is melting inside the poori. My daughter always asking me to prepare poori for her snacks box. One day, she asked for sweet poori. Then, I decided to prepare this wonderful yummy dish for her snacks box. She loved it and I surprised she had it in the morning before going to school also. I tried this as chapathy also. Sweet rava paratha or chapathy. We can make either poori or paratha. Both are very tasty and it will be melted in our mouth with the aroma and taste of the ghee. I’m very much excited to share this amazing tiffin or snacks box recipe for all the kids. Let us see, how to prepare the yummy sweet poori and paratha.Sweet poori-28Info


In a bowl, take one cup of wheat flour, add salt and 1 tsp of oil. Add water and make smooth dough, close and  and keep it aside.Sweet poori-8Heat ghee in a kadai, add 2 glasses of rava or sooji.Sweet pooriFry the rava till it fried well. If we not fried well, kesari will be sticky. After fried well, add boiled milk or hot water to the rava slowly and keeping the flame in low.Sweet poori-3Add sugar and mix it well. Add ghee and mix.Sweet poori-4 Sweet poori-5After the rava kesari is ready, switch off the flame and make it cool. After cool down, make lemon size balls.Sweet poori-7Kneed the wheat dough, make lemon size balls. Spread the balls as poori.Sweet poori-9Keep the rava ball in center.
Sweet poori-10Close the dough.Sweet poori-11Again spread the dough in medium size poories. Make all the balls in same process.Sweet poori-13Heat oil in a kadai, fry the poories in both the sides till golden brown comes.Sweet poori-14Serve the sweet rava poories with mixed ghee and sugar.Sweet poori-23Use the same method to preapre paratha, but spread it like thin sheets. Heat dosa thava, make pararha with adding ghee in both the sides. It will come fluffy.Sweet poori-24Transfer to the serving plate and serve hot with sugar and ghee.Sweet poori-27Try this yummy sweet tiffin recipe and please post your enjoyable comments.


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