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Venthaya kali / Fenugreek balls / Summer special recipe

Venthaya kaliFenugreek or Methi or Venthayam in Tamil is one of the best medicine spices which always place an important roll in our kitchen. In olden days, our grandmas used to prepare many healthy dishes at home. Venthaya kali is one of the best dish especially in summer days. This spice helps to cool our body and also it is having a lot of health benefits. Methi is very much helpful for diabetic patients in controlling blood sugar level. Also it helps to reduce the cholesterol level, hence it is useful for weight loss program. Fenugreek is useful for lactating mothers with improving breast milk. Mostly we are using fenugreek in dosa batter. But we will be using little amount only. If we prepare this type of healthy kali recipe it will be more healthy than anything. Mostly, venthaya kali is prepared without adding jaggery and they will eat with jaggery and gingaly oil adding in the center of kali. But I made the kali or balls with the jaggery syrup. It gives the dish very tasty. Let us see, how to prepare the tasty and pack of health balls venthaya kali.Venthaya kali-5Info


In a bowl soak steam rice(puzhunalarisi) and fenugreek seeds (Venthayam) for minimum 1-2 hours.Venthaya kali-21After soaked, grind the rice and the seeds as fine paste.Venthaya kali-19Powder the black jaggery (we can use palm jaggery also), add little water and boil it.Venthaya kali-20 Venthaya kali-18After the jaggery immersed in water fully, drain the jaggery syrup.Venthaya kali-17In a heavy bottom pan, (I’m taking pressure pan), heat gingally oil.Venthaya kali-16Add the jaggery syrup in the oil.Venthaya kali-15Add the rice paste in the pan and mix it without making any lumps.Venthaya kali-13 Venthaya kali-12Stir it continuously till it tuns thick and separate from the pan and ooze out the oil. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Venthaya kali-10Transfer the kali in a sering bowl or in a mud bowl and serve it. We can garnish with some chopped pista and cashews. This is optional.

Venthaya kali
Venthaya kali

Try this healthy grandma recipe and stay healthy.


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