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Arbi fry / Taro root roast / Cheppankizhangu varuval

Arbi fryTaro is one of the healthy vegetable in all root vegetables. In my childhood days, when we are going to my aunt’s house, grandma used to prepare this tasty arbi fry. We all like very much. After marriage, I prepared this yummy fry and my husband likes a lot. For making this fry, first we have to boil the arbi(cheppangizhangu) in pressure cooker leaving one whistle before fry. Most of the people will fry in deep fry method. But I’m roasting this with only 2 tablespoon oil. This arbi or Taro root is also called cheppangizhangu in Tamil is having a lot of health benefits.Arbi fry

Health benefits of Taro root vegetable :

This amazing root having Vitamins like A, B, C and minerals, calcium, Potassium and lot of good antioxidants helps to boost up our skin and slow down the process of  aging. Hence, it is very much helpful for anti-aging. Also this root is having omega 3 and omega 6 oils helps to prevent diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and other diseases. Taro containing sodium helps to bring up our body’s fluid level and very helpful for kidney function. Because of having low cholesterol, taro root can be include in weight loss diet.Arbi fryInfoMethod :

Wash the vegetable, pressure cook it with leaving 1 whistle.Arbi fryAfter cooked the vegetable, peel off and cut in round shape.Arbi fryMarinate arbi with turmeric powder, chilly powder, cumin seeds powder(seerahapodi) and salt.Arbi fry-11Heat oil in a kadai, add marinated arbi and allow it to roast.Arbi fry-10Stir it occasionally and slowly without breaking the vegetable.Arbi fry-8Allow it roast well till it turns golden brown color and crispy.Arbi fry-8Transfer to the serving bowl, serve with the sambar rice, rasam rice.Arbi fryTry this yummy crispy root roast and enjoy it’s health benefits. Please post your healthy comments.