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Rasgulla recipe / Bengali sweet Ras Gulla

RasgullaRas gulla is a mesmerizing yummy Bengali sweet recipe. Very soft and spongy sweet which is favorite for almost all the people. I made it in my kitchen. Wow!.. Great…Same taste which I tasted in shops. Very easy method of preparation and it needed only milk and sugar with little lemon juice. My daughter always ask me to prepare something different. She likes rasgulla and she ask me to prepare for all the functions. She also will help me to preparing  rolls of rasgulla balls. I’m very excited to share this mouth watering sweet recipe. Let us know, how to prepare the tasty yummy traditional Bengali sweet Rasgulla.Rasgulla-6Info


Boil 1 litter of milk in a bowl or wide kadai. When the milk is boiling, add lemon juice.Ras malaai-17The milk will be cuddled. Switch off the flame, drain the way water in a muslin cloth.Ras malaai-15 Rasgulla-2Pour some cold water to cool down the cuddled milk and tie up the cloth to drain the water completely for minimum 1-2 hours.Rasgulla-3After 2 hours, oped the cloth. Drained part is called paneer.Ras malaai-9Kneed the paneer to make softer.Ras malaai-8Make lemon size balls over the paneer.Ras malaai-7

In a bowl, melt the sugar in water to make sugar syrup.Ras malaai-5Add the paneer balls in the sugar syrup and boil it till it double in size.Ras malaai-4After few minutes, switch off the flame and allow it to cool down completely. Refrigerate to make it cool.Ras malaai-3-2After cool down, transfer to the serving bowl with the sugar syrup and serve it chilled garnish with saffron.RasgullaTry this homemade yummy treat and treat your family members. Please post your enjoyable comments.



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