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Rumali roti / Homemade Roomali roti recipe

Rumali rotiRumali roti is the famous tiffin item in North Indian cuisine. We usually had this soft soft roti in Punjabi dhaba restaurants. It is made with maida and it is suitable with all the gravy. Today I prepared this soft roti at my kitchen. It came very well. In dhaba they used to make rumali roti with the back side of the big kadai. They are having separate kadai only for making this roti. But in homes, we can make this soft roti in normal kadai in placing the kadai backside up. Let us prepare the tasty and soft homemade rumali roti.Rumali rotiInfo


In a mixing bowl, take one cup of flour. Add salt, oil and mix.Rumali rotiAdd warm milk and kneed as soft dough.Rumali roti Rumali rotiApply some oil over the dough and cover it with the clean cloth.Rumali roti-15 Rumali roti-14After 10-15 minutes, kneed the dough again and divide equal parts as lemon size balls.Rumali roti-13Spread the divide ball using rolling pin as thin sheet.Rumali roti-9Heat a big size kadai for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, turn the kadai backside up.Rumali roti-10Place the spread sheet over the kadai.Rumali roti-8It will cook quickly because of it’s thin. Cook both the sides. Press the sides with the cloth to cook evenly. It will take 2-3 minutes. If we cook the roti long time, it will be like pappad.Rumali rotiTransfer the roti in a serving platter and serve with any veg or non veg gravies.Rumali rotiTry this soft roti and enjoy cooking. Please place your soft comments.


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