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Sprouted green gram salad / Sprouted mung beans salad

SaladSprouted green gram dal also called moong beans or mung beans is fully packed with nutritional values like Vitamins, minerals and its having high protein and fiber. Because of high protein and fiber, it is very helpful in weight loss diet. Also green gram helps to reduce cholesterol level and reduce the risk of heart problems. Diabetic patients can eat sprouted green gram as a breakfast, it is very much helpful for maintaining their sugar  level  in blood. We can get in stores sprouted green gram. But it is very easy to make at home and healthy also. My daughter and my hubby likes this healthy recipe as healthy breakfast. Let us see how to prepare the easy recipe healthy package of salad with sprouted green gram.SaladInfo


Wash the green gram and soak over night or at least 10 hrs. Hence, green gram is hard, it will take 10 hours to make soft.Salad-14After the soaked green gram got softness, drain the water in the clean muslin cloth.SaladTie up the green gram with the muslin cloth for minimum 5-10 hours. If we want, we can wet the tied cloth meanwhile.Salad-12After 10 hours, the sprouted has come with the green gram.Salad-10Do half cook with adding little water. Some times, sprouted green gram might have bacteria in it. Cooking the gram helps to kill the bacteria. Add chopped onions, tomatoes.Salad-9We can add Grated carrot, coriander leaves, coconut pieces.Salad-8 Salad-5Add pepper powder, salt and pinches of chat masala and 2 drops of lemon juice.Salad-6Mix nicely.  Transfer the salad in a serving plate and serve and stay healthy.Salad

Try this wonderful healthy breakfast recipe and be strong always.

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