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Wheat Halwa / Original Thirunelveli halwa / Irutukadai halwa

Thirunelveli Halwa Thirunelveli is the famous city in Tamil Nadu. This city is very famous for Halwa. They used to prepare the tasty halwa in whole wheat or broken wheat. Some people will prepare in wheat flour also. Today I tried the original taste of wheat halwa in samba broken wheat. It could be better if we say Thirunelveli halwa Or irutukadai halwa. Ya.. In Thirunelveli city, the famous halwa is selling in famous shop called irutukadai. So this halwa is also called irutukadai halwa.

When I prepared this yummy sweet at my home, My daughter was very happy and she liked the taste very much. She hugged and kissed me. My husband likes Thirunelveli halwa very much from his childhood itself. If some of his friends go to that city, he always ask them to buy halwa for him. And today, he tasted my preparation, he said this is the original taste which I tasted at my childhood. He appreciated me a lot. He ask me to prepare again and again. If we follow the correct measurements, we can get the original taste of Thirunelveli Halwa. Obviously it might take our precious time, but it is worth-full to taste this mouthwatering sweet no..no.. tweet.. Let us prepare the tasty yummy Wheat halwa.Thirunelveli HalwaInfo


Soak 1 cup of broken samba wheat for minimum 5-6 Hours. Thirunelveli halwa After the wheat soaked well, grind with adding water and and extract the milk over the soaked wheat. We can add more water and grind to extract milk as much as possible.Thirunelveli Halwa Keep the extract wheat milk in a jug and wait for 1 hour undisturbed. The wheat milk set down and excess water will be remain up.Thirunelveli Halwa Drain the excess water, because the water will be in raw smell and tangy taste which will be affect the taste of halwa. We can get 1 glass of set wheat milk. We can add 3 glasses of fresh water with the milk. Totally it will come 4 glasses of wheat milk.Thirunelveli Halwa s5 In 3 cups of sugar, separate 1/2 cup of sugar for caramelizing. Melt another 2 and a 1/2  cups of sugar in a big kadai.Thirunelveli Halwa Caramelize the 1/2 cup sugar and mix with the big kadai.Thirunelveli Halwa-12Make the sugar syrup in one string consistency. This is very much important for this halwa.Thirunelveli Halwa-13After the syrup reached one string consistency, add the wheat milk.Thirunelveli Halwa-14Stir it continuously till it thickens. Approximately it will take 30 minutes to 45 minutes.Thirunelveli HalwaThirunelveli Halwa-16When the milk got thick consistency, slowly add ghee 1 spoon at a time and continue stirring.Thirunelveli Halwa-17When the halwa reached glossy touch, add ghee roasted cashews.Thirunelveli Halwa-18 Thirunelveli Halwa-19Mix it well still it separate from the kadai.Thirunelveli Halwa-20Wait for few minutes to set and transfer to the serving plate and serve hot. It will be amazing taste when we have as a hot halwa. We can preserve it and reheat whenever we want.Thirunelveli HalwaTry this amazing sweet recipe at your kitchen and enjoy the original taste of Thirunelveli halwa.


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